How to Write a Cover Letter

Writing a great Cover Letter can make all the difference between getting short-listed or not. Many people apply for jobs using a Resume/CV without a Cover letter and in doing so are making a BIG mistake.


Writing a great Cover Letter is your opportunity to tell an Employer exactly why they should employ you. It is your chance to highlight your key skills, qualifications and experience that make you perfect for the job. Yes this information is in your Resume somewhere, but in your Cover Letter, you get to summarise your Resume and put your SPIN on what you want them to notice. Don’t leave it to chance, write an awesome Cover Letter and you will see the difference. You will get short=listed more often, and you will get more interviews. Perfect – this is exactly the position that you want to be in! So let’s get started – How do you Write a Great Cover Letter…


Customise Your Cover Letter EVERY TIME

resume template, resume, download a resume template, teacher resume, nurse resumeDo not write a Cover Letter and send the same letter to every job. ALWAYs take the time to customize the Cover Letter with the name of the person and company that you are sending your job application to.


It is easy to do, and so many people do not bother. If you want to stand out and show that you are someone that pays attention to detail, then you MUST do this. Trust me, you will set yourself apart from 90% of candidates just by doing this!


How Long should your Cover letter be

Your Cover letter should be approximately 5 short paragraphs long. Unless you are asked to address certain Selection Criteria, your Cover Letter should not exceed a page in length in total.


The Opening Paragraph of your Cover Letter

The first paragraph should state how many years of experience you have e.g. I have 9 years of experience as a Customer Service Officer. You should then explain what your key qualifications are e.g. I have a Bachelor of Business with a major in Accounting.


Cover Letter body content – your 2nd Paragraph

Explain your current job and current job duties e.g. ‘Currently I am working as a Retail Sales Assistant at <Employer Name>. Within this role I provide excellence in customer service, process sales transactions using a range of payment methods and perform stock management and product merchandising on the shop floor.


resignation letter, sample resignation letter, sales manager resumeMore content  –  describe Your Skills and match to the Skills in the Job Ad

Describe the skills that you have that align with those required in the job ad. For example is the job is in sales, describe how you have met sales targets in previous jobs, and how you have attracted new customers and retained a loyal and regular client base.


Do you have Training and Skills that you can highlight?

If you have other training, certificates or skills that you have not already mentioned, then now is  a good time to work these into your Cover Letter. For example:

  • If you are working in the construction or mining sectors, you should list your tickets and licences e.g. scaffolding, working at heights, construction white card, HC Drivers Licence, etc.. that may be required for the job.
  • If you are applying for any type of white collar or administrative job, it is a good idea to list the software that you are experienced in using.


Your Cover Letter Summary

Make a statement about why this job is an excellent fit for your experience and qualifications. Then,  sign off with a closing statement such as ‘Please find attached a copy of my Resume. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss my suitability for the above role’.

At Resume Templates Australia we have a long list of Cover Letter templates that you can simply download and use.

This saves you the trouble of formatting and figuring out the structure and wording. All you need to do is download the Cover Letter and personalise it with your details.

We have Cover Letters for lots of job types. Let me know if you can’t find one to suit you and make a request for a new template. Happy job hunting!!!