How to Write a Resignation Letter in 5 Easy Steps

It is time to leave your current job. Hopefully you have an exciting new career opportunity, OR, perhaps you have just had enough!

Whatever the reason for leaving your current job, I highly recommend that you leave on good terms with your current Employer. This  means a professionally written Resignation Letter is important.

Following the right process when resigning and making sure that you do leave them in the lurch is important for your reputation. Even if you cannot wait to leave, ALWAYS be professional and courteous to everyone that you work with. Do the little things like cleaning up your workplace when you leave so that the next person does not have to.

Also make sure that any incomplete tasks are handed over to someone else and are not left undone. Ideally you should complete as many of your incomplete tasks yourself before you leave.

When resigning from a job, it is ESSENTIAL that you provide your Employer with a written Resignation letter. This ensures that everyone clearly understands you are leaving and when your last day will be. Your Employer will file this away and this is important for their records too.

So how do you write a Resignation Letter that is polite and gets the message across? It is actually quite easy if you follow these simple steps:

The key Steps to Writing a Resignation Letter

Step 1- Your opening sentence should state this letter is your Resignation.

Step 2 – The next sentence should thank the person that the letter is addressed to, and the company for the opportunity to work with them.

Step 3 – State that it is with regret that you leave (even if it is not true!) and that you are leaving to pursue the next stage of your career.

There is no need to tell them what your next job is, where you are going to be working, or whether you even have a new job to go to.

Step 4 – Clearly state the date of your last day of employment with the Employer.

Step 5 – Make a statement about your willingness to hand over any outstanding tasks to another person so that there is a smooth transition.

That is it. Keep it straight to the point, clear and professional.

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