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Job Interview Questions and Answers

Word-for-Word Answers to Behavioral and Competency-Based Job Interview Questions.

job interview answers

Have everything laid out simply in front of you. You’ll know exactly how to prepare for your interview.

The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Questiosn and Answers is 135 pages long — over 38,000 words — and includes over 180 intelligent and effective job interview answers, 11 closing “power statements” for when you ask for the job, 71 smart questions for YOU to ask the interviewer, plus the 40 desirable behavioral competencies hiring managers are looking for, how to create and use your own winning S.O.A.R.L Stories to “package & spin” your work experience — with many specific tricks and examples to get you learning.

Plus try the soothing 9-step exercise that will calm your nerves every time, be aware of the 22 management-level interview MISTAKES to avoid, get comfortable crafting your own perfect introductory opening statement (using the template) plus learn 18 step-by-step techniques to increase your likability factor. Get the 10 free bonuses meant to help you even more. It’s basically everything you need to ace your interview and confidently ask for the job.


“This guide offers strategies and examples to help job seekers ace the tough questions during a job interview. It is succinct and engaging, providing a wealth of job interview information in an easy-to-follow style.”

“The author guides readers in figuring out how to position themselves as ideal candidates, and how to play up their strengths in ways that hiring managers and human resources departments will appreciate. He gives candidates the perspective from the other side of the interview desk, describing what hiring managers want to know, why they want to know it, and how the candidate can effectively deliver that material”.

“Overall, this engaging Guide focuses on smart preparation strategies, and offers useful advice to make the average candidate feel more confident. A valuable resource for today’s job candidates.”

Job Interview Answers Guide Reveals Word-For-Word Exactly What You Need To Say To Get Hired.

Here’s what you learn:

✔︎ How to “Package & Spin” your work experience so it’s the perfect fit for the job.
✔︎ Become more confident in your self-presentation; easily calm nerves or fear.
✔︎ How to use professional words, phrases, and metrics to communicate your value.
✔︎ Talk about your strengths and past successes in a convincing way.
✔︎ Get the best questions for YOU to ask the interviewers to show them you’re smart and engaged.
✔︎ Tell them exactly what they want to hear — so you GET HIRED!

job interview answers