We discuss what you should LEAVE OUT of your Resume. While it is often easy to figure out what should go into a Resume, do you know what should be left out?

Number 1 – Lose the Photo!

I am often asked ‘Should I include a photo’? Ummmm…unless you are applying for a modelling gig, leave it out.

Number 2 – Jobs at Maccas!

Student jobs. Did you work part-time at a fast food outlet when you were in high school? If you are early in your career perhaps you can leave it in. As a general rule, if you are over 30, and are looking for a professional job, it is time to drop it off.

Number 3 – Should you include Hobbies?

What about Hobbies and Personal Interests? The answer here is…it depends. For example, for a job application for a Firefighter, then the fact that you play football, train at the gym and keep fit is of perfect relevance so it can and should stay. On the other hand if you are going for a job as a Finance intern, do you really think that reading, going to the movies, AFL, etc… are of interest? Not really, leave them out.

Number 4 – Our pet hate: I am highly motivated.

Everyone says that they are Highly Motivated. This means that it is not even worth saying! Instead, talk about your Qualifications and the number of years of experience that you have. This is what an employer is looking for.

Number 5 – References available on request.

Of course your References should be available on request! So why not include them?! If an Employer is interested, they are going to request your references contact details. Avoid the awkward situation in an interview where you are scribbling on a notebook, or have to call back later. This is not the best impression that you can make. Look professional, and have them listed in your Resume.