So…Where are the Mining Jobs? This is where all the Mining Jobs are NOW!

Are looking for a Mining Job? Australia has a stack of new projects starting over the next year.

Are you ready to set yourself up with a job in the mining or resources sector?

If you think the mining boom is over, think again.

Look at this overview of exciting mining and resource projects…

All of these mining and resource projects generate jobs for a range of mining, fifo and construction jobs and support or operational staff.

Are you interested in landing a Mining job on one of these exciting projects?

We all know that the pay for these types of jobs is great. Working FIFO has a great pay-off if you are looking to build a nest-egg, pay off a mortgage, or just get ahead in your career and life. So of course you want in on this action!!!

My hot tips for getting a job on one of these great projects are…

  1. Apply directly to each company and skip recruitment agents where possible. I have taken the time to link to many of the companies above, directly to their jobs page. Click on the link and look thru their jobs.
  2. DO NOT apply for a job unless you are certain that you have a winning RESUME and COVER LETTER. Applying with a crappy Resume and not bothering with a Cover Letter will ensure that your application will be binned. There are tonnes of people competing for these jobs. Invest a small amount of money and get a quality Resume and Cover Letter. Once you have these in place you are setting yourself up for success.
  3. Apply with a great Resume and Cover Letter and stack the odds in your favour. Mining jobs are competitive, so make sure that you stand out and reap the rewards.


Take a look at our pre-written Mining, FIFO and Construction Resumes that are available 24 hours a day for instant download. Using one of these templates is the cheapest and fastest way to get yourself a professionally written Resume and Cover letter that will set you up for success.