Suzanne Burke Professional Resume Writer, Founder of Resume Templates Australia

Resume Templates Australia was created by Suzanne Burke, a Professional Writer with tertiary qualifications in both Information Technology and Professional Writing.

Suzanne has had an amazing career that has encompassed working in roles such as a Business Analyst, Technical Writer and Small Business Manager to name but a few. Industry experience includes the areas of state government including health and education, information technology, mining and resources, construction, managed services and more.

Over the course of her career, she has acquired an in-depth understanding of many industries and the employment requirements within those sectors. She has been applying this knowledge and experience with great success for many years as a Professional Resume Writer in Perth, Western Australia.

In 2016 Suzanne started to notice that with increasing unemployment in Australia, many people were finding the cost of a professionally written Resume by a professional Resume Writer was simply too expensive for many. This is where the idea of providing low-cost and affordable Resume Templates with pre-written content came about.

Suzanne researched the current market and found the Resume Templates available in the market were:

  • Mostly free templates that were simply a bunch of headings with no usable content.
  • OR – used formatting such as text boxes or fonts that Resume Scanning Software (used by most large organisations) could not process.
  • OR – most purchased templates were more concerned with looking fancy, but had no reusable written content, and often the high level of formatting in these documents made them difficult to use for an ordinary person, and almost always failed scanning software.
  • OR – were written in an old-fashioned style and used poor or out-dated business language.
  • AND – almost ALL (both free and purchased) templates did not have any occupation specific keyword analysis, meaning that these templates would perform poorly in Resume Scanning software

The quest to find good quality Resume Templates with ready-to-use content came up with nothing! At this point Suzanne embarked on a project to create real Resume Templates, with real content, and provide low-cost Resume solutions for the hundreds and thousands of Australian job seekers looking for to improve their Resume.

Resume Templates Australia has now amassed a collection of Resume Templates. These have been of huge benefit to those trying to write their own Resumes and are not sure about what to include, how to format it, how to write job duties, how to write content and how to list the key tasks that an employer is looking for.

Every single Resume Template has been put together with hours and hours of work, research and analysis, writing and proof-reading.

All Resume Templates created by Suzanne have been individually crafted by comparing job types with common job descriptions. Suzanne has ensured that all modern industry buzzwords and relevant keywords are used. 

Whether you are looking for a job in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra or anywhere in between, all Resume Templates have been written specifically for the Australian employment marketplace.