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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions.

Resumes Templates Australia (RTA) is a professional writing business that produces quality documents leveraging off over 20 years of business and writing experience. RTA takes no responsibility for the information contained within any resume, selection criteria, letter or other document produced and/or purchased from our website. The purchaser, that is, the client is solely responsible for all content, proofing and acceptance. RTA cannot be held liable for information that is inaccurate or incorrect. The responsibility for any published content lies solely with the client.

Online Service. Our service is completely online, therefore no face to face consultations or telephone calls will take place. Your documents will be emailed in WORD format, and hard copies remain the responsibility of the client.

Formatting. When receiving your documents the formatting may change slightly depending on your software, settings and computer system. The features we use in WORD will minimise the likelihood of this happening, however we cannot guarantee that your documents will appear perfectly on every computer screen. While we take every step to ensure your satisfaction, some issues are beyond our control and may require you to make adjustments on your end.

Guarantee. While most RTA clients achieve success with the documents that we produce, we cannot provide any guarantee of interviews or employment as there are many other elements in the marketplace that are beyond our control.

Payment and Refunds. All documents are provided only after payment has been made. All services paid for are strictly non-refundable. If a client changes their mind after paying the invoice, no refund will be made if the client has already taken possession of the document(s). Acceptable payment methods are via Paypal only.

Intellectual Property. All materials produced by RTA are strictly subject to copyright. The client is authorised to reproduce documents for personal use, however is not permitted to allow others to copy or reproduce content. This is a breach of copyright and if detected offenders will be subject to prosecution.

Privacy Statement. Your privacy and confidentiality is our priority and we will not provide your personal information to any third parties.

Changes in Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to change our terms & conditions without notice.

Acceptance of Terms. Making Payment for your products indicates your acceptance of our terms and conditions.